Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Decorating with No Strings Attached

Here is a quick inexpensive project that yields an elegant result.  I recently went into Restoration Hardware.   Many of you know I avoid mall shops and chain stores almost as a religion.  But, I was waiting to meet a friend and drifted into RestHard to try and shake the Humbug in me....

Xmas lites off

 I found these fabulous little petite battery powered LEDs.  They are raw and wonderful and come in a variety of lengths:  5', 10' and 20'.  Very reasonably priced and the longer lengths even come with a timer if you can believe it!

                                                                                                             Xmas lites on

So, here is my seasonal Ms. Marfa  (check that!  from now on we are Miss Nancy!) handy dandy craft project.  Cheap.  Easy.  Elegant. and Fast!  No comments necessary, but Enyoy!

 This is the battery pack.  It takes 3 AA batteries.  It has a convenient on/off button.  The overall size is so small, I was able to hide it in a planter.  HINT:  If you are using real fresh greens and shame on you if you do not, wrap this in a small sandwich bag and rubberband so it does not corrode.

This is boxwood cuttings.  Very inexpensive.  You can probably get a bunch of these at the local market and most certinly at your local nursery. Alternately you can use any potted plant you desire, but, of course, I have to do things from scratch and make myself crazy!!!  I took the cuttings and supported them in a wet medium, then wedged the battery pack into the pot allowing for access to the on/off button and covered with a dried moss.  Below is a result:

And next you will see as a center piece, flanking an antique silver serving platter and Jeffrey Pinecones.

It is so cool to have lites on the table embedded in live greens, with no wires/strings attached!

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